Electric Specs

Power supply:DC input, voltage range 8~26V
Power consumption:<5W

Physical Specs


Operating Environment

Storage temperature:-55ºC~+85ºC
Operating Case temperature:-25ºC~+60ºC(Calibrated range, no case)


MP-101V autopilot, specifically designed for VTOL fixed wing UAV by Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech Co., Ltd, is a cost-effective and industrial flight control and navigation system. Integrated high-accuracy MEMS inertial sensor and high-performance CPU. Support fully-automatic airline flight and semi-automatic flight with 30km valid distance. Anti-electromagnetic interference, high anti-vibration ability, high-reliability. It adopts self-adapting flight control and navigation algorithm, and has good fault-tolerance, which is an ideal choice for cost-effective power-driven VTOL fixed wing UAV.

Key Features

  • MPC5200B ICU by Freescale, good ability against interference, high-reliability, strong processing ability, low power dissipation, various external interfaces. Support multiple flight modes (manual operation/ semi-automatic mode/ automatic airline mode)
  • Integrated high-accuracy IMU module, high-accuracy magnetic sensor, adopt high-performance non-linear GPS/SINS/AHRS algorithm, 400Hz update frequency, high-accuracy attitude, automatic switch to AHRS mode in case of bad GPS signal.
  • The multi-rotors adopt L1 self-adapting control algorithm, high-accuracy control ability of attitude and flight path, strong ability against disturbance, good stability, control accuracy and stability will not vary with the change of center of gravity and weight of aircraft.
  • Possess customized ability of emergency management ( already contains normal emergency handling settings, like voltage below-level, GPS satellite loss, data link timeout, manual instruction timeout, height below level, height beyond level, etc )
  • Support 2 axis and 3 axis pan-tilt control.
  • JOUAV PPS-100 post-differential module can be external connected, support high-accuracy aerial photography.
  • Built-in 32MByte data recorder, which can fully record 4- 8 hours flight data.
  • Internal integrated a 1W FHSS radio , the control range of ground control station up to 10km - 30km.


Supported Peripherals

  • 1 MP-101V autopilot
  • 1 GCS-50/50W ground control station
  • 1 J30J-51 pinhole aviation connector
  • 2 radio antennas (for ground test use)
  • 1 airborne radio feeder line
  • 1 power line of ground control station